"Speaking Out for Health Freedoms"

** Expanding to additional locations! **

Join Us in Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna and Vancouver (Weekly)

Hello everyone,

We all know that iconic line from Star Wars,

“May the Force Be With You!”

In that sci-fi movie-series it is a rally cry for the Rebels who are fighting against the evil Empire. Outnumbered and outgunned the belief in ‘The Force’ gave the rebels hope, determination and conviction.

We too need that hope, determination and conviction.

So on this coming May the 4th please join me and our Canada Health Alliance members and

'Light A Candle' in your office and in your home.

With this we can spark hope, push back the darkness and remember those who we have lost. Yet it will also represent the Light Force within you and the need to ignite that same Light Force in those around you.

On Wednesday May the fourth, as part of the

Walk Out Wednesdays initiative, light a candle.

Become a beacon of hope, and speak to those in your practice and around you about the importance of health freedom and bodily autonomy.

Each and every one of us is a sovereign being and the light within you is your birthright. Don’t allow it to be extinguished by the darkness. Keep it alive, and keep alive our hope, determination and conviction

From all of us at CHA may the force be with you!

Light a Candle - Wednesday May 4, 2022

Another new location ~ WOW Vancouver!

New Locations added regularly

If you'd like to start a WOW in your area, email: healthfreedoms@protonmail.com

Continuing to meet at 1515 Blanshard St, Victoria, 12 noon

(outside Bonnie Henry's office)

"Instead of making the shot mandatory for health professionals who work in private practice — including everyone from dentists and doctors to chiropractors and massage therapists — a new public health order will require them to report their (private) vaccination status to their professional colleges."

"Any professional whose vaccination status is "not found," according to a statement from the province, must provide their vaccination records by a deadline of March 31.

Colleges will be required to disclose this information to the provincial health office if requested."

In response, Health Professionals and their patients joined together for Walkout Wednesdays.

Please join us weekly 12-2pm in front of Bonnie Henry’s office the BC Health Building, 1515 Blanchard St. See details below.



Walk Out Wednesdays Peaceful Demonstration is Growing Weekly in Front of Bonnie Henry's Offices In Victoria

Join likeminded Canadians who also value health freedoms

Live Event Details for Walk Out Wednesdays


  • Wednesdays, 12-2pm
  • Weekly ongoingly


  • Bonnie Henry's Office, 1515 Blanshard St. Victoria
  • Maffeo Sutton, 100 Comox Rd, Nanaimo
  • Stuart Park, 1430 Water St, Kelowna
  • City Hall, 453 W 12th Ave, Vancouver
  • At strategic locations around Canada


  • A Peaceful, Professional Demonstration and March
  • Bring friends & colleagues to show support for our health professionals and everyone’s right to Health Freedoms (Bodily Autonomy, Proper Informed Consent and Privacy of Health Information)
  • Professionals dress in your professional attire (ie white coat, stethoscope, nurse scrubs, etc.)
  • Please share and invite your network

WOW Kelowna - March 23rd

WOW Nanaimo - March 23rd

WOW Victoria - March 16th

WOW Victoria - March 9th

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Tribute To Freedom - Peaceful Protest

“While the majority of provinces in Canada have begun returning to normalcy, lifting their COVID-19 restrictions or committing to do so soon, B.C. is doubling down on mandates instead.

That’s why RebelNews created this petition you can sign to say that enough is enough.

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2022-03-25 - Press Release


Walk Out Wednesdays - Health Freedoms Demonstrations

After Provincial Health Officer for BC, Bonnie Henry’s most recent health orders were announced, a group of concerned healthcare practitioners and their patients have come together to demonstrate against the mandates and their implications.

The Ministry’s most recent health order states that all BC healthcare professionals will be forced to disclose their vaccination status to their regulating colleges by March 31st. These colleges will be required to release this private health information to the ministry when requested. Many BC healthcare practitioners consider this a direct contravention of medical ethics and that it would open the

door for numerous potential future implications.

It is important to note that in the same order, Bonnie Henry continued to call the vaccines "safe and effective”, mere days after the release of Pfizer's documents which showed 9 pages of significant side effects, including serious injury and death.

The group of healthcare professionals have joined for Walk Out Wednesdays, stating that it is time to proactively and collectively protect the future of healthcare professionals' and all individuals’ health freedoms, including bodily autonomy, privacy of health

information, the upholding of medical ethics, and proper informed consent. The government mandates are an infringement of federal and provincial laws and Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Walk Out Wednesdays participant, chiropractor Dr. Norm Detillieux, gave a statement on his motivation for demonstrating, “When workplace regulations become unhealthy for the workers, workers have the option to walk out. Many of my colleagues agree that dealing with the ongoing government mandates have been stressful and have caused more harm than good. Walk Out Wednesdays is a small sacrifice I am making to protect all of our health freedoms.”

They are calling all people who are concerned with the ongoing health orders to join in a peaceful demonstration each Wednesday at 12:00 - 2pm in front of Bonnie Henry’s office, at 1515 Blanshard Street, Victoria.

They are also encouraging other healthcare professionals in cities across Canada to join in the movement. Additional locations include: Nanaimo, Vancouver and Kelowna and more are starting each week.

Participants are asked to wear their professional attire to the demonstrations (white lab coat, scrubs, stethoscope, etc.) Another benefit of the Walk Out Wednesdays is they are a great networking event and help build morale. They invite others to join until all mandates are lifted and politics are removed from healthcare.

For more information: walkoutwednesdays.com email: healthfreedoms@protonmail.com

*UPDATE* mandate for health professionals

COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health professionals pushed back again

CBC News March 7, 2022

#LetThemCare #WalkOutWednesdays

Rebel News March 3, 2022

Contact: healthfreedoms@protonmail.com